Cowley County Mental Health and
Counseling Center
has a broad range
of services to ensure that individuals
receive not only the best care, but also
the most beneficial care possible. The
Center's services range from traditional
outpatient programs to community based
mental health services. The Center's staff
includes qualified mental health and
substance abuse professionals.
County Mental Health and Counseling
is a quasi-governmental
organization that is governed by a local
Board of Directors. The Center is fully
licensed and has been providing
psychiatric and substance abuse services
for over forty years.
Cowley County Mental Health & Counseling Center

22214 D Street (at Strother Field) - Winfield, KS  67156

620.221.9664 or 620.442.4540
Toll Free:  1.866.442.5550
Fax:  620.221.1983 or 620.442.4559
Emergency Phone:  620.221.9686 or 620.442.4554

Hours of Operation:
Mondays & Tuesdays:   8:00 a.m. -  8:00 p.m.
Wednesdays & Thursdays:  8:00 a.m. -  6:00 p.m.
Fridays:  8:00 a.m. -  5:00 p.m.
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Cowley County Mental Health and Counseling Center's mission is "to
collaborate with consumers and community partners to provide professional
mental health services to all residents of Cowley County."

Core Value Statements

  1. The Center values the work in reducing the stigma of mental illness.
  2. The Center believes that individuals experiencing mental illness can  
    recover and lead productive lives.
  3. The Center values a comprehensive community based mental health
    system of care.
  4. The Center values consumer and family input regarding the
    treatment process and strives to make services consumer and family
  5. The Center is committed to improving the quality of mental health
    services delivered by its staff members.
  6. The Center believes that all employees should uphold a code of
    conduct and maintain a set of values as set forth by the agency and
    the employee's respective profession which includes, but that are not
    limited to, confidentiality, integrity, accountability,                               
    non-judgmental compassion, commitment, and equality.


To assist consumers in enhancing the quality of their lives by:
  1. Having a commitment to their recovery
  2. Creating an atmosphere that promotes hope, self-determination, and
  3. Having a dedication to meeting the mental health needs of the
    community through individualized services
  4. Promoting active partnerships with community resources
  5. Providing personalized care for individuals and families
  6. Complementing and enhancing other community resources.

History of CCMHCC

1966-- Arkansas City University Women's Club along with other concerned
citizens implemented a one-day-a-week mental health center in Arkansas
city.  Dr. Edwin Fair traveled from Ponca City, Oklahoma to provide the

July 17, 1967-- In order to increase and coordinate county wide services a
mental health board was formed.

January 1968-- The newly incorporated "Bi-State Mental Health
Foundation" began operations at two locations:  111 Spruce, Arkansas City
and the First National Bank Building, Winfield.  Staff at the time consisted of
two employees, Dr. Fair and Gertrude Oster, MSW, Social Worker.

1982-- The advantage of having a center whose services crossed state
lines was negated by changes in state and federal funding.  "Cowley County
Mental Health and Counseling Center" became a separate entity.

Early 1990's-- With the recent closing of many of the state mental hospitals
and a government based push toward community based services, the
number of staff employed by the center was steadily increasing.

1994-- The Community Day School is created.  The center developed,
through a cooperative effort with six school districts, and intensive day
treatment program designed for school aged children.

1994-- Transitions Foster Home Program, a department within the center is
now the only remaining foster care program sponsored by a community
mental health center in the state of Kansas.

June 1999-- After several moves, it was decided that both the Winfield and
Arkansas city offices would work more efficiently and effectively at one
united location.  A location was selected at "Strother Field", an industrial
park area located between the two cities, and a new building was erected.  
Over 40 staff are employed by the center, including a full time psychiatrist.

October 2004-- Staff levels top 80.  The new center has reached maximum
capacity.  The Center has to lease space in Arkansas City to house the
Adult Community Support Services Department.

2005-- The Board of Directors of CCMHCC selects as architect and is
preparing for the start of a new building campaign.

2007-- Phase 1 and 2 of the Center's building remodel/addition is
completed.  Additional space is leased in Strother Field to accommodate the
Adult Community Support Services Department (previously located in
Arkansas City), Children's Community Based Services, and both Adult and
Children's Attendant Care Departments.

2009-- The center employs over 90 staff.
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