All You Need to Know About Women Frigidity

psychologically disturbed

Almost all girls become frigid because they were sexually abused or raped in childhood. Strong religious beliefs that define sex as a shameful act can also cause a woman to lose her fascination with sexual activity. Besides, there are other variables such as stress, depression, anxiety, etc., even the fear of having children can dampen a woman’s sexual appetite. Women could find some solutions to overcome this annoying situation. In this case, you might need to check

sex drive issueHowever, this is not necessarily the woman’s fault. An inexperienced and clumsy husband may lack the ability to provoke his spouse, leading to her insecurity in bed. In this scenario, the husband should establish his plan and strive to be receptive to his wife’s demands in bed. Also, some all-natural libido boosters can be of great help. This circumstance could affect women’s minds. It means that the main factor of this condition is women’s psychological state. Thus, they could encounter this uncomfortable situation.


The main reasons are psychological. The origin of this lack of libido can be multiple. Women could feel like they don’t reach orgasm even though they want to. They think their participation is standard and that the woman’s performance is also identical in terms of pleasure and power. She is only a passive participant. Many women are afraid of having a surgeon penetrate their anus with his hands. The thought of a man inserting his penis into her anus can send a chill down her spine and cause her discomfort. In either situation, it is the fear of penetration that triggers frigidity syndrome.


healingThe state of frigidity usually occurs during the period of melancholy, when a woman undergoes various types of hormonal changes that also affect her emotional condition. There is also the possibility of frigidity in women after experiencing some abuse or harm. It is better to treat frigidity with herbal remedies than with synthetic supplements or drugs. Herbal products increase libido, treat frigidity without unwanted effects, and make women wholly enjoy their sexual lifestyle.

Besides, women could try natural treatments. It helps them overcome the condition with fewer risks. Natural treatment for frigidity in most women includes herbal remedies. Along with hormonal balance, women’s bodies also require an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals. Every supplement usually contains various elements that are very helpful. Therefore, it is beneficial for women who afraid of undergoing scary medical treatments.

Almost all girls become frigid because they were sexually abused or raped in childhood. Strong religious beliefs that define sex…

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