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Tips to Preserve Your Food Quality in Refrigerator

Many people have changed their lifestyle by consuming healthy food. Most of them even have tried to store more nutritious food in their refrigerator to keep them in track whenever they feel hungry. However, preserving food in the fridge needs an extremely cautious monitor. It happens because every wrong move in your environment endangers loved ones’ lives due to poor food quality.

Please remember that saving all your food in the freezer does not enough. You must follow some proper storage food system in your home, such as using adequate glass containers and monitoring the food expiry date. This way, you can be sure the food you eat is fresh and clean. Find out more ideas on how to keep your food quality in the refrigerator below.

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Monitor the Temperature

The refrigerator temperature is important to be maintained. The proper temperature of the freezer is -18 degrees Celcius, while the fridge is 5 degrees Celcius. Be aware of the refrigerator’s temperature, and never try to raise it because the heat can ruin the food and cause a germ infestation. Therefore, you should check the fridge regularly to see if the maintained temperature is ideal for keeping all the food fresh and clean. Also, do not open and close the refrigerator door continuously since the heat inside will constantly change, leading to fast deterioration for your food.

Store First, Wash Afterward

When it comes to vegetables and fruits, we are often inclined to wash and rub them. This method is not recommendable because the residual moisture in vegetables and fruits can lead to many bacteria. The food taste quality is also lower, making it unusable. However, there is some exception for green lettuce or other green leafy vegetables. They need to be rinsed with the water thoroughly and store it in sealed plastic bags. If needed, use a paper towel to pull the moisture left out before storing it in the refrigerator.

Refrigerate Cooking Food After 2 Hours

It is the maximum time to store food outside the refrigerator. Almost all food will spoil if it is not refrigerated within 2 hours. It is because many substances begin to decompose at room temperature. It is one major reason why the refrigerator must be available at home to keep cooked and uncooked food in a more prolonged time.

Use Shallow Container or Tight Wrapper

food quality in refrigeratorWhen storing food using containers, ensure to use shallow containers not more than 2 inches depth. It can help manage air circulation and spread temperature evenly in the food, avoiding short time deterioration. If you rather use wrappers or sealable bags, ensure to filter out the air. This way, you have more space to store the food, which can prevent deterioration. If you store cottage cheese or other food, store it in a small container and make sure no moisture can enter.

Monitor Food Supply, Usage, and Expiry

Manage your food supply well, including food usage and expiry. Please remember that it is more effective to eat

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Weight Gaining Food That Are Healthy

You’re in the perfect place if you’re looking for healthy food that cannot make you lose weight; instead, you may gain more weight. This guide will fill you in. Guide in a healthy food list that may help you earn some extra pounds.

Steak or Lean Red Meat

lean meatRed meat has a higher protein, cholesterol, and iron content. It’s one of the best foods. The cuts of meat are not the same; one contains carbohydrates, and others do not. You will love steak in pieces full of carbs. The t-bone, beef tenderloin, rib-eye, and New York strip should be your choice. Health experts advise people not to mix this food with foods that are not healthy because of the cholesterol in the meat.

 Carbohydrate Foods

This food plays an essential role in weight. These foods maintain the level of energy in your body that is essential for your body to function. They contain cholesterol and are ideal for weight gain. Some sources of carbohydrates are whole grain, dried fruits, and brown rice.


 Healthy Fats

When you’re trying to gain weight, you should avoid saturated fats. Everyone knows that it improves cholesterol levels and can increase the chances of cardiovascular diseases. Best sources of healthy fats include omega fatty acids, fish, and vegetable oils such as coconut oil, safflower oil, and pure virgin olive oil.

 Tropical Fruits


Fruits such as papaya, mango, banana, pineapple, and avocado are all foods to choose from for those who want to gain weight. With a few portions of these fruits in your diet, It can play a significant role in increasing weight. You can eat these fruits personally or combine them and make smoothies.

 Natural Peanut Butter

peanutPeanut butter is composed of proteins and fats, which creates a food choice that is great for people who want to increase a few pounds. One tablespoon of peanut butter contains about 4g of 100 calories. It is also rich in vitamin B3 and potassium, vitamin E, which are essential in the body.

Whole Fat Milk

Nutritionists indicate that replacing skimmed milk for full-fat milk benefits one to gain weight. It is healthy because it contains nutrients that can is found in skimmed milk.…

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